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All of our products are manufactured in accordance with UNI EN 817 standards, covering the

whole of the European community.

The guarantee is valid for 5 YEARS, starting from the date of installation, which

must be shown on the guarantee sheet and relates to the operation of the cartridge.

We only accept liability for damage caused exclusively by faults occurring in the

manufacturing process.

The guarantee does not cover any parts/components that may be susceptible to wear and

tear, such as O-rings, seals, hoses and connections, or spare parts that are sold separately.

Guarantee exclusions:

  • damage caused directly or indirectly by third parties (e.g. installers)
  • damage caused by incorrect installation or by misuse
  • damage caused by the use of acid-based or hydrochloride-based cleaning products
  • damage due to wear and tear or to lack of maintenance (e.g. failure to remove limescale, microleakage of salt water, etc.) 



In order to keep the surfaces in good condition, regular maintenance and cleaning is

required. The safest and most effective products are soapy water or a gentle detergent. If

these products do not achieve the required results, it is advisable to treat the limescale with

a solution consisting of very hot water and 25% vinegar, and wait for it to dissolve. Then

rinse thoroughly with water and bicarbonate of soda, then with clean water and finally dry

carefully using a soft cloth.

Under no circumstances should you use products containing chloride (particularly

hydrochloric acid), bleach or disinfectants containing hypochlorous acid. If this should occur,

rinse thoroughly with clean water.

The use of abrasive detergents or other soaps will render the guarantee null and void.