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Our children will play an important role in protecting the future of our planet and we must not forget this. It's not difficult to teach them about the environment. Children are fast learners but more than anything they follow the example set by their parents. That is why it is important to make them understand how certain acts can have a huge environmental impact on their future.

It doesn't take much to instil an eco-sustainable lifestyle in your children; the important thing is to do it in an enjoyable and creative way… So how do we do this??

  •          We involve children in the waste disposal process at home, showing them how to recycle; explaining what would happen if all of this waste were            piled up without being sorted in any way.
  •          We teach them that comics or paper with their drawings should not be thrown away with the normal rubbish but should be recycled.
  •          If we have a garden, we teach them that domestic food waste can be turned into a natural fertilizer for plants.
  •          We explain how important it is not to add to the pollution of the air we breathe; if we are not travelling a long distance it is a good idea to walk or          cycle, rather than using the car.
  •          We also teach them not to waste water; we explain that there's no need to use too much water when having a shower and that you can turn the            tap off when brushing your teeth.


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